Estrogen Blocking

Estrogen-blocking is an important part of testosterone therapy.  The process of testosterone conversion to estrogen is known as Aromatase conversion.  Aromatase is an enzyme that binds to the testosterone chain and converts a portion of it to estrogen.  When a man’s estrogen levels rise there are many unwanted side effects and some can be harmful to his longevity.  Estrogen causes an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in men, fatty tissue to build up around the mid-section and breast area, moodiness, achy joints and higher increase in prostate cancer and other cancer types.  Estrogen is not a friendly hormone when it exists in large quantities in the male body.

There are three primary Aromatase inhibitors that block the conversion of the enzyme and its conversion properties of testosterone:

At MoreTClinics®, when needed, we use a low dose of Anastrozole to prevent unwanted testosterone conversion to estrogen in our Testosterone therapy patients.  It is safe and highly effective.