• MoreTClinics™ has a number of different treatments for men and women alike to help you overcome Low Testosterone levels. Since the body doesn’t store testosterone, treatments must be conducted at certain intervals to maintain optimal levels. MoreTClinics™ use the following methods for Testosterone Therapy:

    • Sublingual
    • Subcutaneous Pellets
    • Pills
    • Gels and creams
    • Patches
    • Biweekly intramuscular injections
    • Subcutaneous microinjections conducted twice per week
    • And natural alternative protocols

    Although treatment protocols vary in effectiveness we believe that our (Micro-T©®™)  twice weekly microinjections have the advantage. The following chart clearly shows the benefits of each method of testosterone therapy.

    In order to see the full benefits of testosterone therapy, MoreTClinics™ aims to bring you to the optimal testosterone level, rather than an average hormone level. The ideal testosterone range for male’s ages 35 to 70 is (773-1197 ng/d) and female’s ages 35-70 is (75-225 ng/dl).