• At MoreTClinics™, we make it easy for someone to start testosterone therapy and live a healthier life.

    First, you will need to fill out our medical history form (you can access the forms online or request that they are emailed to you) and schedule your first consultation. The first consultation with the provider will be to order the appropriate blood test so MTC’s providers can determine your current blood levels and evaluate your medical history. If the doctor decides that you are a good candidate for one of our treatments protocols, we can perform your first blood test done in the More T Clinics office.

    Once the doctor has determined that testosterone therapy or another one of our anti-aging therapies is a right fit for you, we can proceed with the first lab test. A minor physical will take place to substantiate and document the patient’s current health condition and the doctor will initiate your first testosterone microinjection. We will then teach you how to properly perform the microinjections in the privacy of your own home or you are always welcome to come to the clinic and have it done.  Testosterone, other medications (as needed) and all the necessary supplies will be shipped straight to your home.

    After the first 6 weeks, our doctor will examine the initial testosterone therapy results and address any inquiries you have. A check-up is scheduled every 90 days or until testosterone is stable. Then ongoing monitoring moves to every 4 to 6 months to keep an eye on testosterone levels and conduct a physical.

    To inquire more about testosterone therapy, call 407-949-0222 today.