Sermorelin Forte Plus is a compound made of brain amino acids, endocrine proteins, and pituitary precursors that enable pituitary synthesis which maximizes HGH production in the body and optimizes the use of IGF1 production. This approach to treating HGH deficiency and IGF1 deficiency is the safest approach and the most effective technology because this medication allows for the body’s natural ability to regulate production. The body is an amazing machine and is equipped with safety protocols that shut down HGH production if the body is in jeopardy of overdose.

Because Sermorelin Forte Plus is naturally derived and compounded, it does not interfere with this process, as opposed to the use of porcine pituitary extract (derived from pigs) which is a foreign substance and can easily overdose the body if the dosage protocol is not appropriate. Porcine-derived products also shut down the body’s ability to produce HGH naturally. In addition, it has been linked to cancer development and abnormal bone growth.