• At MoreTClinics® we offer the highest quality Testosterone Therapy systems available.  Our Testosterone Therapy Plans include various diagnosis and treatment modalities based on the lab results, and we offer these at convenient flat monthly fee options.

    Subcutaneous (SQ) microinjections are the most cutting edge modality on the market today.  This twice weekly microinjection is relatively painless and is easily administered much like an insulin injection.  The injection can be done with an insulin syringe and is convenient at home treatment process that takes less than 2 minutes.

    Traditionally and historical testosterone injections were administered inter-muscularly (IM) into the thigh or buttock.  This IM injection is safe and proven. IM injections are the most commonly used form of therapy in patients that are sensitive to medication.

    The SQ modality of twice weekly microinjections is far superior because the injection is painless and the spike effect is not present because the dosing is not as high during any one specific injection.  In addition, the delivery system of the injected solution is a natural occurring derivative of metabolized alcohol.  This mean that the injection solution is less viscous so a smaller injection needle can be used, the solution is in a base that naturally occurs in the body, and can more easily be metabolized so the medication absorption is higher and more effective at a lower dosage which reduces the chance of side effects.

    The medically inserted testosterone pellet is another very effect treatment system offered by MoreTClinics®.  This treatment system is very safe and delivers a consistent level of testosterone via a small compressed pellet about the size of a tic tac (for men) or the size of a grain of rice (for women).  The doctor makes a small insert incision in the hip and inserts the dosage amount that is appropriate for the patient.  The pellets then absorb over a period of time and then must be replaced.  This treatment system is very effective but the incision point may have some soreness for a few days and at the end of the absorption period the levels of testosterone tend to drop off noticeable for the patient which signals the need to have the pellets replaced.  Dosage with the pellet treatment system cannot be adjusted in the middle of an insertion cycle which is a limitation. But for those men who travel frequently, this treatment system can be a wonderful choice.