• Studies have backed the safety of Testosterone Therapy and the aging benefits that correspond with it. There are few side effects that are linked to testosterone therapy because the process is only enhancing the body’s natural function. Keep in mind that all medical treatments have the likelihood to have a few side effects.

    The objective of our testosterone therapy is to produce a testosterone level that is giving you the proper benefits, yet not constructing any serious health issues. If any side effects do arise when undergoing testosterone therapy, most are typically minor and foreseeable. The majority are managed with no trouble at all.

    Side effects include:

    • Thinning Hair: In some occurrences, one’s hair may begin to thin due to extra quantities of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This can be managed with off the shelf tocotrienols and biotin or by specialty shampoo that blocks DHT that we can prescribe.
    • Acne: Amplified oil secretion from the skin can also be a side effect of testosterone therapy. The acne is usually mild and only occurs in some people. One can control this with astringents, skin toner, and face washing.
    • Red Blood Cell Overproduction: Otherwise known as erythrocytosis, testosterone can stimulate a bone’s marrow to create more red blood cells. This could cause blood to be too thick and can be controlled by donating blood every 8-12 weeks.
    • Retention of Fluids: Medically known as Edema, a slight percentage of men who partake in testosterone therapy might retain fluids. This is maintained by scaling back the dosage of testosterone and/or eating foods that promote the production of urine.
    • Nipple and Breast Sensitivity: This typically occurs when testosterone is converted to a surplus of estrogen in the body. There is an increased flow of blood to the breasts at this time, possibly causing sensitivity. This can be controlled by taking Anastrozole, a twice-weekly estrogen blocker.
    • Testicle Shrinkage and Decreased Production of Sperm and Testosterone: Testosterone, in some rare cases, can cause shrinkage of the testicles and a decreased testosterone and/or cell production. We can supply a microinjection called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG to prevent this occurrence.