• Stress is usually caused by too much pressure being put on us by others, or in many cases, by ourselves. Left unchecked, at the very least, it can lead to an inability to function effectively and cope under pressure. Worse, it can lead to serious mental and physical disease. Here and the top 10 causes of stress and how to deal with them:

    1. Not having enough time: Learn to manage your time more effectively.
    2. Unhealthy lifestyle: Make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle.
    3. Taking on too much: Know your limitations and don’t take on too much. Learn to say “no.”
    4. Conflicts in the workplace or at home: Avoid unnecessary conflicts.
    5. Inability to accept things as they are: Accept the things you can’t change.
    6. Failure to take time out and relax: Take time out and recharge your batteries.
    7. Work-related issues: Take time off or change your working practices.
    8. Failure to see the humor in situations: Harness the power of laughter.
    9. Particular situations that cause stress: Avoid situations that place you under stress.
    10. Major life changes: Welcome change as a challenge.