• The importance of Testosterone in Health

    What is testosterone? You may be hearing a lot about testosterone these days and different low testosterone treatments. At MoreTClinics™ we encourage patients in the Orlando area to learn as much as they can about the topic before starting low testosterone therapy.

    Testosterone is the primary male hormone produced in the testicles and the adrenal glands. Hormones are chemical messengers formed by the body’s endocrine system. In the most basic sense, the presence of testosterone is what gives males “manly” characteristics and provides the basis for the difference between males and females.

    However, while testosterone is often related to facial and body hair, sex and muscles it provides much more than those physical characteristics to men. Testosterone is the catalyst to a man’s psychological and physical abilities. The presence of testosterone has a major effect on all parts of a man’s life and is essential for the function of almost all of the most important organ groups. Testosterone plays a role in the body’s growth and development of skeletal structure and muscular system, the cardiovascular system, the metabolic rate, sexual function, brain activity, and overall health.

  • However, a man’s body typically produces less testosterone as it ages. Beginning in a man’s 30s, the amount of testosterone produced may decrease by nearly 2% each year. While that does not seem like much, by age 60, the average man’s levels of testosterone may decrease by 50% or more. This drop in testosterone can make it difficult for the body to heal the damage done to the body’s tissues and organs. Additional problems associated with lower testosterone are lessened ability to fight disease, increased aging, greater instances of chronic disease, and reduced life expectancy.

    As testosterone levels decrease, men also lose vitality and the zest for life present in their younger years. Health concerns can increase along with many diseases and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, depression, wait gain, Alzheimer’s disease, muscle loss, bone loss and early death. Low testosterone levels can rob you of your health and well-being!

    While all of the men’s health issues associated with lower testosterone are sobering, they aren’t written in stone. Lowering testosterone levels of men past 40 can cause loss of strength, weight gain and deceased energy. However, many doctors in Orlando don’t offer low testosterone treatment.

    You can change the course of your health and change your low testosterone at the same time. Please contact MoreTClinics® to discuss your options regarding testosterone treatment. We can help you understand your levels of testosterone and determine if testosterone therapy is right for you.

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