Pellet Therapy for Women

Pellet therapy has been available in the United States since the late 1930's. It is an ideal delivery method for bioidentical hormone therapy that helps balance body chemistry and restore health and vitality in women suffering the symptoms of hormonal imbalances.

The long-lasting pellets make this form of hormone therapy especially easy and convenient. During a simple in-office procedure, the tiny pellets are inserted under the skin into the hip/buttocks area. The incision site requires just a small bandage and there is little down time. Most patients notice a difference within 4-5 days, however, it can take up to two weeks for the full affect to be felt. The pellets react to the needs of your body by secreting additional hormones just as your body naturally would during periods of stress or exercise. Results typically last up to 3-4 months ensuring that you maintain proper hormone levels. Your blood hormone levels will be checked about 6 weeks after your pellets are inserted followed by another lab check in 6 more weeks.