• Bart Malone has been transforming lives for more than two decades, first as an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Business Consultant and then later as a popular conference speaker, author, and seminar trainer. He is a proven business leader experienced in developing strategic plans, raising capital, executing business operations and managing a large staff of professionals. His groundbreaking seminar training on Body, Soul, Spirit, Leadership, and Male-Female communication are used nationwide and internationally.  His book "The Making of a Man: What a Woman Wants and a Man Needs" was released in 2012, and draws from his pioneering work with individuals and groups centered around the patterns of emotional, mental and physical health and how these are expressed in the lives of modern men and women.

    Bart Malone is a goal oriented individual with a clear understanding of timelines and what it takes to meet the demands of a growing or start-up business.  One of his greatest talents is the ability to take complex problems and make them simple to understand. His communication skill provides him a great platform to relate to all types of people, while vision and clear insight give him a keen understanding of what it takes to be successful. The delegation, accountability, and execution are his strong suits. He is a quick and decisive decision maker that finishes the job on time every time.  He has held several professional licenses and is a continual learner striving to better himself and those he influences.  Leadership is his talent and the ability to make right decisions his hallmark.  Bart's focus on declaring to men and women worldwide the need to reflect their inherent Strength and Dignity naturally includes all the aspects of highly effective and emotionally balanced life.  Bart Malone’s skill in communicating the need to be mentally attuned, integrated into character, spiritually awakened and physiologically optimized are the keys to obtaining success and happiness. As part of that commitment, Bart founded the MoreTClinics™®, to help individuals realize their best nature and have access to the highest level of medical and educational resources. Please contact many anytime at bartmalone@moretclinics.com