• I’m an experienced medical assistant, with a proven ability to offer administrative support to various sizes and complexities of medical teams. I’m highly skilled in managing a diverse range of front office functions such as customer service, booking patient appointments, billing, collections and records management, just to mention a few. I have automated the clinic’s charting systems and incorporated Information technology as a core component of our operations. This has gone a long way in helping our medical and support teams enhance their operations. I am bilingual, with excellent mastery of both English and Spanish.

    I commenced my internship in October last year, where I was offered a job before completing it. I have since risen high up the ranks to become the lead supervisor. My current role entails creating a friendly working environment where the rest of the staff can work freely, exercise their skills and expertise and grow professionally. I ensure that every challenge that comes our way is shared and vital lessons were taken.

    I am quite passionate about my Supervising Medical Assistant position at MoreTClinics™® and face every challenge that comes my way with confidence. It gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction seeing a patient walks out of our doors with a broad smile. I sympathize and empathize with our patients while making them understand that I exist to help them manage their billing, appointments and a wide range of other important chores. Together with the team, I work with, I will always strive to do more than what call of duty requires to offer the patients a memorable experience.

    I earned my Associate of Arts Degree (AA) from The Seminole State College, before proceeding to City College for my AS in Medical Assistant studies. Immediately after I completed high school in Peru, I went to qualify as a Bilingual Administrative Assistant, and then pursued Business Administration Studies.

    I seek to take up bigger roles in a challenging medical environment where I can put into practice the knowledge and expertise that I have learned over the last few years.