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  • I learned about More T Clinics through a Radio Commercial. At the time I was taking another product, prescribed by my Doctor for hormone replacement. I had been under the treatment at that time for over a year. During this treatment, the results were less than desirable. I was exhausted all the time, it was difficult for me to make it through the day. When I came home from work I would often fall asleep as soon as I sat down. I felt weak, tired, cloudy and overall miserable. In listening to the More T spot, I thought to myself, It couldn’t be worse. I had my first appointment and was introduced to their product and methods. The staff was pleasant and informative and I had a lot of questions. Not to mention the fact that I was somewhat skeptical of their claims. Blood tests were administered and a plan was developed to meet my specific need. This was a much different experience than my one size fits all program from before. Over the next few weeks and months, the staff worked closely with me to get me to a healthy level. The results while improving were almost immediate. All aspects of my overall wellbeing had improved. I had an improved ability to concentrate, more energy, less moody (so my wife says) and some weight loss. My wife says I'm a different person. I have continued to improve and have never felt better. My results were so impressive, I felt compelled to share them with friends and refer them to the clinic. If you are familiar with my symptoms, More T is just what you need. You will not regret the decision.

    Shockey, Chad C

  • I am a 44-year-old mother of 4. When I first came to MoreTclinics, I had 15 extra pounds that I could not get rid of no matter how hard I worked out or dieted. I also have a thyroid issue that made losing weight almost impossible. My thyroid was getting worse and worse. The doctor that I was going to just kept increasing the dosage of the medication that he had prescribed to me THAT WASN'T WORKING. I wanted to get to the root of the problem, not gloss it over with more medications and higher dosages that have undesirable side effects. The medication that I was on actually made my thyroid dependent on it.....I wanted to heal my body. At MoreTclinics, they did my blood work and discovered that I actually have a condition called Hashimoto's disease which is an enzyme deficiency that causes my thyroid to be hypo and hyper-reactive. I had been treated for hypothyroidism for 22 years and none of the conventional doctor's told me that or discovered what MoreTclinics found on my first visit. No wonder my thyroid wasn't getting better. I wasn't being treated for the correct condition I was being told to manage the dysfunctional thyroid with medication that made me worse. At MoreTclincis, I received the CORRECT hormone therapy and my thyroid gland corrected itself. Part of the therapy protocol I received was women’s Testosterone pellets. I did not know that women could benefit from testosterone... but adding that into my regiment did more for me than I had expected. It gave me energy, I slept better and I LOST WEIGHT. I was able to actually build muscle when I worked out. You need muscle to burn fat! Frankly, I was tired of starvation diets and not only that, testosterone gave me back my sex drive that had been gone since I had kids. I was stunned. I had no idea that my hormones were affecting me in any of those ways. Conventional doctors were telling me that my hormones were in the "normal range", but I felt like crap. If I can have the hormone levels that I did when I was 20, WHY WOULDN'T I? I don't have to FEEL 44 or LOOK 44. The "normal range” for my age is not the "optimal range” for me, so I will be a lifetime patient at MoreTclinics!! I would strongly encourage any ladies out there to try hormone therapy at MoreTclinics. It changed my life. I had an injury last year to my hand and have not been able to work out for over 10 months. Testosterone kept me from losing all of my muscle and has kept my body in shape. This photo was taken after a year of not working out. I would recommend Moretclinics to ANYONE who wants to get their health and life back.

    Kim Malone

  • At 37 years old with three kids, I was at my worst physical and psychological condition in my life. I was 277 pounds with high blood pressure and at the threshold of being pre-diabetic. The energy was a thing of the past, and I had thrown away all of my "one day" clothes of the past because I knew I was fighting a losing battle. I checked out More T Clinics on a whim because I knew that it was now or never if I had a prayer of getting myself back in order. In short, my life has completely changed. As of today, I weigh 189 pounds with normalized blood pressure and the energy to exercise and the willpower to diet properly. My mood went from terribly depressed and morose to aggressively confident and full of life. The encouragement I received from the staff at MTC is pushing me ever closer to my goal of 100 pounds of weight loss. The staff truly is the difference maker at MTC. Easily the most approachable and honest team of professionals that I have worked with in any aspect of the medical profession. I now believe that not only can I achieve my goals, but can push past them for a lifetime of well-being and contentment in my own skin. If you're skeptical, well, so was I. That being said, I'm living proof that the program works. I am and will continue to be a client of MTC for the foreseeable future, because unlike other plans, this one works. Why be just yourself when you can be your BEST self? Thanks for making that possible, MTC.

    Timothy Ward

  • After almost 40 years in the restaurant business, I was tired, and my body was tired. MoreTClinics™® check my testosterone levels. they were in the 300 range, very low. So we began testosterone therapy. It wasn't long before my body began to change. I had more energy, and no more daily naps. My body fat was diminished, and I became a lot more muscular. Recently, I began swimming at my gym. First time out, I had trouble making one lap. One month later I could do 20 laps easily. I am happy to say that at 65, I look great, I feel great, I preform great! ( Just ask my Wife!)

    Jim H. - Subway Multi-Unit Owner

  • This is the first time I have ever written anything about a product that I have tried but this therapy really works and I wanted to share it with everyone. I am completely sold on the positive effects, it is truly amazing. For example, I have noticed in the first few weeks I have more energy and improved mental clarity and memory retention as well as alertness and concentration less irritability more confident and determined. I’m experiencing uninterrupted sleep at night. I have lost 2 inches in my waist size and lost several pounds of belly fat I have increased muscle mass, strength, and endurance I have noticed I heal faster. Overall, I feel like I did when I was in my late teens and early 20’s I have increased sex drive I feel like I have a new outlook on life. My overall health has greatly improved I know I’m adding years to my life by starting this therapy . I wish I had not waited so long before starting therapy. Thank You MoreTClinics™®.

    Patrick - Medical Assistant

  • Hello my name is Allen and I have been asked by some people about the cost of testosterone therapy and what I pay for it, does insurance cover and such. There is a cost of course and there are rewards. Along with Testosterone injections I began moderate exercising, walking twice a day, began eating healthy, eliminating fats, sugar, and snacks. My overall health is steadily improving. My thyroid is working so much better, evidence improvement in memory and clarity of thinking; Helping also in my weight loss. My Diabetes is getting better and better. My high blood pressure medicine has been cut in half. I can now for the first time in years sleep thru the night without waking up every 2 hours and being so tired all day. I have back my Energy and ambition to go and do all day; And at night I get beautiful, restful, refreshing sleep. A big, big saving in dollars while doing the testosterone therapy is that by losing the weight for the first time in twenty years, feeling so much better I just about eliminated my ”Comfort Food Eating” especially at night..i.e milk, ice cream, candy, crackers, snack food.. Just add up the daily Cost for “Comfort food” and snacks items and you can see as I did that the savings in my grocery bill alone More than covered my testosterone treatment . What price is getting your LIfE back Worth.? No one can buy back youth, health, vigor, and a lust for life but testosterone can restart the spring of life flowing thru you again. In four months I went from a 74 year old 5’ 7”265 lb couch potato with no LIFE to a new 210 lb man with an active life and an active mind who was happy and joyful. I could not go the grocery store, Home Depo or the Mall without an electric cart as I was unable to stand or walk more than one hour a day. Now I go with my wife to the mall and my grand children to Universal because I can! Priceless.

    Allen Bradley, Lake Mary FL, April 2014